A salt lamp on your desk could be just the thing you need. 


I keep a Himalayan salt lamp near my desk. I like the orange-y glow that it gives off, and I also like to believe that it helps to stave off the potential dangers of working in front of a computer all the time. I’ve done a lot of research over the years into the benefits of salt lamps, and while this has been on the internet before, I think I’ll risk it and lay out those benefits for you again, in case you missed them last year!


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Himalayan Amber Salt Light- Large


  • Salt Lamps emit negative ions, which in theory, reduce the effect of static electricity and electromagnetic radiation. Keeping one next to your desk is like a little insurance policy, and a great way to feel less bad about how much time you spend staring at this screen.
  • Salt lamps are said to help with asthma, seasonal allergies and other respiratory symptoms. This is apparently due to salt lamps’ ability to filter teeny particles out of the air. I don’t sneeze much when I’m near my salt lamp, so I call this one true. Seriously though, there are many people that swear by these things to help them breathe, there are even special inhalers made with himalayan salt.
  • Negative ions from salt lamps can improve mood. Studies have been done that show that these ions improve levels of seasonal depression (SAD), similar to SAD lights.
  • Negative ions from salt lamps can also increase productivity. Another study found that task performance was “slightly but significantly improved” in the presence of negative air ions. Potentially, having a salt lamp on your desk will help you get a lot more done.


You can shop for fair trade salt lamps here – these lamps come in rare colors other than pink/orange too. This White Himalayan Crystal USB Mini Lamp is really pretty, and a perfect salt lamp for your desk or workspace. 


I would recommend highly that you shop at SoWell for salt lamps. You can be sure that the lamps you buy here are fairly sourced and traded, and also that they are safe to use. Remember last year’s recall on salt lamps after the holidays? Let’s not have that again. Buy your salt lamp from a reputable source! 

Having a salt lamp on your desk might be exactly what you need to boost productivity.

Is It All True Though?


It shouldn’t go without mentioning that part of understanding the benefits of salt lamps is believing in salt lamps and their ability to create negative ions. In general, the science behind this is somewhat flimsy. To my knowledge, nobody has done any medical studies to show that salt lamps cure disease, or that salt lamps can keep you from ingesting too much computer garbage (yes, that’s a technical term 🙂 ). There are plenty of studies about the health benefits of negative ions, it’s not clear whether salt lamps emit enough of those ions to make a difference.  Regardless, I don’t care. Looking at my salt lamps makes me happy, and that’s enough for me. 


Do you have a salt lamp on your desk? Tell me how much you love it in the comments!