This post is sponsored by Thrive: Feel Stress Free. I was given a free membership to this app in order to test it out and review it. The opinions here are my own. 


Feeling a little blue, but not quite sure where to go?

Thinking about trying out professional counseling, but not quite sure how to do that?


Enter the Thrive: Feel Stress Free app.


Thrive app  is available on Apple and Android devices as well as through an online platform (Thrive recommends using Google Chrome for best results on the web) and is intended to “detect, prevent, and help manage common mental health conditions.”


When I heard about this app, I was curious. I figured that I could qualify as someone with common mental health conditions and I was intrigued about whether or not this app would be able to identify them for me. I clicked to download the app to my phone.


The app comes with a free 3 day trial and offers three different membership options long term, $6.49/month, $15.99 quarterly, and $51.99 for a full year. For what Thrive has to offer on this gamified system, I actually find these prices rather fair.


That being said, let’s take a look at my experience with Thrive’s abilities to “detect, prevent, and help manage” common mental health conditions.


Detecting Common Mental Health Conditions

I’m no psychiatrist, but I would say that I believe myself to have the exact same conditions that this app detected for me. After just a quick clicks on a couple of questions, the app was able to tell me exactly what issues I was up against. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

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Preventing Common Mental Health Conditions

Between an awesome zen garden game, guided meditation and breathing activities, and links to sites and services that can continue to help you, Thrive has got prevention covered. While using this app, I feel more relaxed, I seem to sleep better, and have plenty of things to keep my mind busy during anxious times of the day.

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Helping to Manage Common Mental Health Conditions.

With all of the features available to the user, I believe that this app can help to manage minor mental health conditions. I loved the check in feature, in which you selected how you were feeling and why and the way that the app then set goals for you to focus on completing to help.


All in all, I think that Thrive has created a great product which helps to demystify, identify, prevent and ultimately help treat the common mental health problems many people face every day. I’ve enjoyed checking in with it daily to find a little bit of encouragement and mindfulness and plan to continue using it. 


Of course, this app is not meant to replace professional care for mental health disorders. I do think that this app can be an excellent part of your toolbox though.

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