This post contains affiliate links. I was given a kit from Smile Brilliant to try and review. Opinions in this post are all mine. 


Teeth are important. Don’t believe me? Ask someone who isn’t thrilled with their own teeth. You’ll likely find that they have a certain level of embarrassment about their teeth, they may smile less, and they may lack self esteem. 

There are people in my life who have had cosmetic dental proceedures done, and I could immediately see a difference to not only their appearance, but their overall wellbeing. Trust me. Teeth are important. 

For those of us who have OK teeth, but might benefit from a little bit of a smile boost, teeth whitening is a great option. I’ve been whitening my teeth in some way, on and off since high school. I’ve tried all of the OTC products, but was always reluctant to go professional. Honestly I thought it might be a waste of money. Could it really be any better than the white strips and whitening pens that I’ve been using? 

So, I was excited to partner with Smile Brilliant. They gave me their best selling teeth whitening kit to try and I’ve been using it for about a month now (not every day, but a few times per week). 

My teeth had some significant staining. I drink 4 or 5 cups of coffee each day (because coffee is LIFE!), I smoke on occasion (I know, I know… working on that habit currently), and I eat a normal american diet that includes sodas, wine, and berries – all things that can stain your teeth. 

Get ready for the “before” picture!


before smilebrilliant

EWWW! Right? Don’t worry, it gets way better. If you didn’t want to see a close up of my teeth you probably shouldn’t have clicked on this post. 😀


You can read all about Smile Brilliant and their system here, but I wanted to give you my top favorite parts of it: 


The Trays! They send you this molding putty and you take a mold of your teeth and then send it back to them. Within a few days, they send you perfectly fitting trays to use for your whitening. It’s magic! I love that it’s customized, and I love that the trays make it so every surface of the teeth comes in contact with the gel. Strips can’t do that.

The De-Sensitizing Gel.  Any teeth whitening product can cause tooth sensitivity. Smile Brilliant knows this. They include a desensitizing gel with the kit that is to be used after each whitening session. It greatly reduces the sensitivity that is comment with any teeth whitening.

The Price. The Smile Brilliant system  is 70% less expensive than the same product and service at a dentist. You’ll easily spend over $500 from your local dentist. This whole kit is around $150.


So, after using the kit for about 4 weeks (on and off, because I’m not so good at consistency all the time), I’m pleased with the results. I still have product left and I will continue to whiten over the next few weeks to see how white I can get.


Check out this before and after! Awesome!! 

after smilebrilliant teeth whitening

A beautiful smile is worth so much to me. I feel great!


Want to Whiten Your Teeth?

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