Hi friends! 

I’ve been working on a little project this week, and I wanted to make sure that you could find it. 


The Subscriber Library is Open! 

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It started with the Habit Tracker Printables. I love these. You can print them out and hang them up or keep them in a notebook. Keep track of new habits you’re working on starting. 


You’ll also find: 


Mandala Coloring pages. I drew these and digitized them for you! Mandalas are relaxing for me to draw, and they are relaxing to color as well. 

30 Days to a Happier You.  A printable list of small steps that you can take each day to be happier. 

Grow Expand Thrive – 1 week e course. 


More is on the way. I hope you enjoy these resources and that they help you on your journey towards being ideal! 

To Get Access to the Subscriber Library, Make sure that you’re a subscriber! I send emails every so often full of resources and stories! 

If you are already a subscriber, but didn’t get password to access the library, please email me and I’ll hook you up! linds.bozek (at) gmail (dot) com

Here’s the Link to The Library. Make sure you have the password first!


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