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I’ve been a Virtual Assistant in some way for nearly 2 years now. For much of that time, it was extremely random, in that I didn’t have any full time clients, I took on small projects for extra cash, and I didn’t really know what to do to get myself into a space where I was consistently working as a VA.

Part of the reason that my business wasn’t serious is because I felt like I didn’t have the time to really devote to building a business. Well, this isn’t really true, because time is relative, and what I needed to do was MAKE time, and so I did.  The other reason that my Virtual Assistant business wasn’t serious is because I didn’t have the right connections and the right basic skills that were needed in order to be useful to online entrepreneurs. I needed virtual assistant training!

Once I figured out that I needed some new skills, I started researching virtual assistant training programs. If you’ve ever done this yourself you’ll know that there are MANY of them out there.  Most all of them are from women claiming that they are THE expert and that they will help you make money, quit your job and stay home full time.  Most of them were pricey too – over $500 on average.

Now, don’t get it twisted – I’m sure that all of those programs have their merits. The thing is, as an aspiring VA, I was not willing to drop $500- $2000 on a training program.  I just did not have that kind of cash laying around. I was making maybe $50-100 a month doing my little projects for people, and I had some money saved, waiting for that training program that was going to take my VA business to the next level. And then I found it!

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Rockin’ Virtual Assistants Training course is the brain-child of Sadie Lankford, a well-known blogger that I’ve been following on social media for years.  I always liked Sadie’s sense of humor and no-nonsense style, and when I saw that she was training people to be VA’s, I had to know more.  I did my research, asked around, and then bit the bullet.  At only $250 I didn’t have much to lose, and I had SO much to gain if this went well.

This course is self-paced, with a nice mix of video training and written lessons.  It includes workbooks as well which is great if you’re the type who learns by writing. I took notes, I watched everything twice, and then I jumped in, using the skills that I learned in the course. In the first month after I finished the course, I made $900! The month after that I made $1500! And I’ve continued to make that much every month since – going on 8 months now.

The best and most amazing part of taking Sadie’s course is that she gives you lifetime access to a FB group for her students.  She is in that group every single day, answering questions, challenging you to do better, and giving you new ideas to make more money. That alone is worth every penny. I feel like Sadie and are are BFF’s, or at least colleagues, and I can ask her anything and she replies within hours. Totally PRICELESS. 

If you’re looking to take the next step in your own VA business, I 100% recommend that you give Sadie’s course a try. You can also feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or want to talk about it in detail.
For a free taste of what the Rockin’ VA’s courses are all about, go here to try the Free “Rock Your Pinterest Course now!

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