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We all experience stress every day and I doubt that anyone will be able to avoid stress entirely. There are ways that you can reduce the number of stressful things that you are exposed to, and there are also ways that you can improve the way your body and mind react to stressful situations.


Learn 5 lifestyle changes here that can aid in your ability to avoid stress.


Before you start to incorporate these changes, it may be helpful to keep a journal for a few days or weeks to identify what your stress triggers are. What things happen that really stress you out? How is your body reacting to those events?


Manage Your Time Smartly

People who have a clear idea of how much time they have and what they need to accomplish in that amount of time are generally less stressed. Use a planner, a calendar, or a timer on your phone to keep track of time. Write down the things you need to do in priority order so that you can tackle the hardest things first. The smaller tasks will be easier to complete later in the day when your stress levels may be higher.


Make Lifestyle Changes

When you know what things in your life are causing you stress, you can make plans to take those things out of your life. Make lifestyle choices that don’t add to your stress level. If you have a lot of obligations (think: kids, family, school, work, volunteering, etc., etc.), maybe you should drop a few. Or maybe you could delegate some of your tasks to other people. Remember that it’s important that you be happy and healthy, and sometimes that means that you need to put yourself first.


Eat Well

This really is a helpful tip for avoiding stress. When our bodies are getting adequate nutrition, that’s one less thing for the body to stress about. A well fuled mind will also be better able to handle tough or difficult situations.

I start my day with a superfood smoothie that contains herbal adaptogens, which are compounds that improve our bodies’ ability to adapt to stress and changes.


Sleep More

If you aren’t getting 8 hours a night – Start going to bed earlier! Lack of sleep is shown to reduce our bodies’ ability to deal with stress. If your stress or worries are keeping you awake, try meditation to calm the mind, or journaling to get the thoughts out.


Utilize Your Support System

Build a network of supportive, helpful, and kind friends, family, and colleagues. Having people on your side is invaluable for a number of reasons and will definitely help you to stress less about any problems you’re having.


Changing your habits to healthier ones, getting enough sleep and emotional support and learning to manage your time efficiently can go a long way in helping you to avoid stress.